Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A few nice days coming...

Not a whole lot of change tot he forecast today.  Nice weather developing, with highs in the upper 70s the next few days.  Downtown might hit 80F.  The winds off the coast this more are still brisk out of the north northwest.  Near shore they are still light through morning.  The next few days we will be developing slight morning offshores and light afternoon variable wind.  Should allow for some real warming inland.  Surf will see a significant increase out of the northwest around sunset on Thursday.  There is still a lot of small to mid sized short and mid period surf out there right now, along with some small longer period south swell, generating chest high surf in town, with bigger, junier surf up the coast.  It does look like a lot of the wind swell will drop through the day tomorrow, prior to the arrival of the new long period surf.  That said, we may still have a fair amount of junk in the water when this thing arrives.  Waves at deep water spots up the coast will likely be pushing double over head up the coast, with mostly chest high to overhead surf here in town.  A nice late season round of winter juice.  The swell will be short lived, dropping quickly through the day on Saturday.  With a light wind regime in place Thursday through Sunday, we should see great local conditions, and the swell should be cleaning up nicely as it drops over the weekend.  That will also mean there will be plenty of option for deciding where you will surf.

Surf and beach weather are on their way back in.  Get outside and enjoy some.

Still seeing a chance for rain next week, and a wet second half of the month on the models.  For now, get out there and play in the great weather we will be having the next few days.  And don't forget to give your seedlings a light watering after night fall a few days a week.  They don't need much.  But they likely do need some.

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