Tuesday, April 7, 2015

It is rainy, right?

I can't tell, as I am sitting pretty in the desert.  A chilly desert, but that is just how I like my heat.  Not too hot.  Cool and wet in Santa Cruz today.  As in, like, winter.  By the time this weather system moves through, a wide spread inch could fall in the Bay Area.  The Santa Cruz Mountains could see slightly more, and town could see slightly less.  Next system up stream is likely to split, with the southern portion moving south, just off shore.  So, we will likely remain dry.  Perhaps the northern branch will bring additional light snow to the Sierra.  Today, a good foot will fall along the higher peaks, with a few inches down to 4000 feet and lower.  It is cool out there.

Finally it is cold and wintery in the Sierra.  Get it while it lasts.

Low 60s today in Santa Cruz.  Currently it is 49F. That is certainly chilly.  Low 40s expected tonight, and mid 60s and clearing weather for Wednesday.  Upper 60s to finish the week, and low 70s by Sunday.  There is still a chance things will change for the coming weekend, and we do see a chance of another storm impacting the region late next week.  Stay tuned.  Winter may last two weeks.  Or it may be done with this storm.

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