Saturday, April 18, 2015

Summer like turns to winter like. Sort of.

I should mention the fog.  In the mornings.  Just like summer.  Upper 60s might be a bit cool for a summertime high, but not all that cool.  And the afternoon northwest breezes feel like summer.  Not so much the swell we are currently having.  That feels a whole lot like winter.  Next few days that will dwindle, but the morning fog will remain.  As will the cool, upper 60s afternoons.  By the time we start seeing the pattern change on Wednesday, we will start to see clouds instead of fog.  It is looking like the storm slated for them may pass a bit to our east, bringing rain, and upper elevation snow to the interior.  Showery weather could wrap around, down by the coast, especially on Thursday.  This thing looks to pass out east by Friday.  But don't expect a warming just yet.

There are some fun canyon hikes in southern desert.  Ladder Canyons, Mecca, California.

This could be the start of a wintery period that could last a few weeks.  Would't that be nice.  A few models have a second storm showing up on Friday or into the weekend.  Another one models for Tuesday or so of next week.  All could possibly bring some rain.  Wouldn't that be nice.  Again.  Don't get me wrong.  I surely enjoyed Friday.  But it is time for a change.  You might want to pick up the yard tomorrow if you are a weekend warrior.

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