Tuesday, April 28, 2015

We have variable weather.

First, an apology for not posting during all the exciting weather we have been having.  But if you really needed to know what was going on, there are hundreds of other resources.  Hopefully you are looking here because it is more fun.  Anyway, we got about a half inch of rain here at the house on the west side of town.  A pretty nice showing.  The grounds is still moist from the rain Friday night.  But let us move right into the forecasting.  Today will not be as warm as yesterday.  Temps in town moved solidly through the mid 70's on Monday.  Today we begin again with some fog.  Once that burns off we will again have some sea breeze.  Maybe better called a wind.  Warming to just about seventy degrees out there today.  Fair weather.  A real summertime feel to it.  Basically the same for Wednesday, but we may have a little less fog, and a little less wind.  The end of the week see a change though as high pressure begins to pump.

Afternoon's at Lighthouse Field are nice.

Warmer and less wind for Thursday.  And the wind shifts more northerly, leaving town a bit more protected.  Could be a nice day.  We slowly begin a moderating trend on Friday, with winds a bit lighter, maybe even beginning to shift variable to southerly with an eddy flow developing.  Mid 70s.  By Saturday we could be seeing a return to a foggy period.  This one generated by a light south westerly flow, which would mean the fog could linger through most of the day.  Welcome to June?  Or is this just May Grey?  Good weather for younger gardens.  Hopefully we get through this stuff early and have a hot and sunny August for ripening up a tomato harvest.

At least the swell coming for this weekend will hit favorable local conditions.  An impressive southwest swell should begin arriving late Friday into Saturday.  This is two overlapping swells, both with long periods.  The first at 2-3 feet near 18 seconds, the second 3-4 feet at 22 seconds.  Those heights might not sound big, but with our southerly focal points, and such deep water swell, the bigger breaks in our region could be pushing double overhead at the best times and tides.  Here in town, things will likely be running head hight to overhead through the weekend.  For those of you still learning, use caution.  These long period swell sets can be widely spaced, and travel in packs.  An ocean that one moment looks flat, can soon become a series of twenty or more waves, each piling upon the force of the prior.  Great news for competent water people.  Potential danger for novices.  And while not the size of a big winter swell, Santa Cruz faces directly into these.  If you are watching the show from the cliffs, be smart.  Stand back from the edge, and behind any railings.  Swells should be at a peak Sunday afternoon and evening.  As those begin to back off slowly through next week, a mid sized, mid to long period northwest will likely be filling in on Tuesday.  A nice few days of surf coming up.  More later.  

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