Friday, May 1, 2015

Cool, grey summer weather, and a solid south swell on the way.

Yesterday sure was pretty awesome.  Thought today might hold onto it for a bit.  The sunrise was beautiful.  By 7AM, though, a low fog began to move ashore.  The west side is well within it right now.  There is a southerly flow already along the coast south of Pt Reyes.  So, likely not a beach day today.  The next few days, the entire northwest gradient is pulled north with a south westerly eddy flow.  Should remain light, keeping the fog around through a good portion of the day, and keeping air temps low.  On the other hand, we should feel that water temp warm up a touch, as surface begins from the south.  Which should be a nice combination for the two significant south west swells arriving over the weekend.  Watch for sneaker sets as early as Saturday, with for runners of the second swell with periods in excess of 25 seconds.  In other words, only two waves in a minute, so they will be spaced far apart, and will carry a tremendous amount of power.  As the swell peaks on Monday, the better breaks will be seeing ten foot faces.  Some places will push double overhead plus.  The south should settle through the rest of the week, down to chest high and below by Friday.  Mid week, we see a boost in NW energy.  On Tuesday, a 15 second period swell, with more short and mid period Wednesday.  Conditions won't be quite as clean, with a northwest gradient again developing behind a storm moving into the PNW.  Models suggests a chance of rain by the following Monday.  Ya know, like 10 days away.  Like you can trust that.

The desert bloom was fried this year by early 100 degree plus temps.  This day, it was just 80F, and perfect for a hike.

Foggy and cooler the next few days.  Upper 60s today.  Low 60s by Monday.  Then some warming back into the upper 60s, maybe even low 70s through next week.  Northwest flow (which clears the fog earlier, but still tend to bring morning marine layer) returns Tuesday and builds into Wednesday.  Eye out for rain after that.  

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