Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Staying on course.

Still on track.  No big change from yesterday's post.  Looking like we could log a solid half inch in Santa Cruz, with a bit more rain in the favorable areas of the local mountains.  The Sierra Crest could be getting a foot, or even more, in select spots.  SoCal should get a solid dose of rain with a bullseye of over an inch near Los Angeles.  And we don't exactly see high pressure nosing in afterwards.  We will likely see clearing on Friday and through the weekend.  South and east of us might see showery activity through Sunday, so we could possibly see a passing rain cloud or two.  Kind of fun.  As of right now it looks like the bulk of our rain will fall from mid day Thursday and through the evening hours.  I'll update for sure if we see any change in the timing or intensity.  The strong winds from today and yesterday will subside through Wednesday and a light south flow should accompany the rain system.  Not too dramatic of a storm.  More to come.

Drought resistant flowers.  Ladder Canyon, Mecca, California.

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