Monday, May 11, 2015


The ocean is cooler.  North of the city, the near shore water temps are at or below 50F.  That is quit a bit cooler than the sixty plus degrees we were seeing back in January.  When it did not rain.  Last week's system dropped another foot of snow is areas of the high Sierra.  We got a good dosing here on the west side, and got a sense that east side saw near the same.  Several tenths of an inch here at our house.  Felt nice.  Well, this week really looks like a repeat of last week.  High pressure pumping the on shore gradient, developing a local short period wind swell up to about head high on the exposed coast.  Where it will be windy in the mornings and gale like in the afternoons.  Thirty Five mph average wind from the WSW at Long Marine Lab located on the western edge of town.  Speeds exceeded 20mph as of 10AM.  That is some spring wind.  So, what does it all mean for our weather?  Cool grey mornings, with fog breaking up high and early, with sun by 9AM by my house and maybe a little later in the foggier zones along the water.  Not too late, as the marine layer pulls well off shore due tot he strong winds.  Sunny, mild afternoons. That sun will feel pretty warm, but with so much wind, the air will keep moving and well circulated, keeping things from warming up much.  Total spread will be about 50 to 65.  Things change on Thursday.  Like last week.

Hiking through slot canyons in California's desert.

Last week I though the system was going to be too far east to give us any more than a sprinkle.  Well, I was wrong, but over all the system over delivered.  This week models are a bit more progressive.  If all goes as forecast, we could see a wet system move south, just off the coast, on Wednesday evening, pushing rain across the region mid day on Thursday.  The bulk of the storm splits further south, bringing heavier rain to Big Sur, and points well south on Friday.  Could be a good rain maker.  Not getting too hopeful yet, but certainly watching things.  In fact, the mid an long term models are suggesting a continuation of the current trend of building highs and bull dozing lows.  Kind of the most active period of weather we have had since last December.  It is actually kind of cool, and hoping it continues.  Besides the need for water, is sure helps keep that dust down.

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