Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Slight chance of rain, most likely in the form of overnight fog drizzle.

Enough of a chance to pay attention if you have things out doors that should remain dry, or plants that you irrigate in one form or another.  Limited sunshine, cool temps, and some moisture could be saving you some water right now.  Still, I think it is much more likely we will not collect a tenth of an inch by the chance abates later on Friday.  Best chance for an actual shower looks to be Thursday evening.  Improving weather through the weekend.  We might even move into the mid 60s with more afternoon sun, by Sunday.  Memorial Day looks to begin grey, with light westerlies, sun by mid day and mid 60s.

Back in March, the Monarch was still kicking it here in town.  Lighthouse Field, Santa Cruz.

Looks like we will get another does of small combo swell to keep us surfing.  Arrival late Thursday, and backing down through the weekend.  Light winds prevail, so mornings should have ample options, but the tide will be low.  Not much too exciting on the radar, so it will be worth getting wet for.  Even the light fog drizzle we got yesterday should be keeping the mountain bike trails a little less dusty, and a touch more tacky.  Not sure what kind of water is running, but the lower Pogonip could be nice right now.  Watch out for Ewoks.  Regardless, looks like a good weekend to get outside for adventure or yard work or a stroll.  Enjoy.

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