Saturday, May 16, 2015

Cool and wet spring.

Let us clarify.  Not looking too wet in Santa Cruz, but it is certainly cooler than average for this time of year.  May Grey, for sure.  But the air mass is being kept cool by a train of storms that have been impacting the regions north, east and south of us. Last Thursday, when I saw a few sprinkles here in town, but not much else, San Diego received an inch and a half of rain in 90 minutes.  The Sierra got about six inches.  We were basically dry. The next round comes through to our north and east late in the day Sunday and through Monday.  Actually, moisture continues trailing through the northern portion of the state, and especially the Sierra down to around Mammoth Lakes, through most of the week.  And inch plus of precipitation through most of those areas, with several inches in the north coastal mountains, south Cascades and the Tahoe area perhaps topping three inches.  All this is good news for the state and drought.  Again, not nearly enough to get us out of it, but helping none the less.

Desert Scape.

Low 60s in the afternoons after the fog breaks up a bit, and low 50s overnight.  Marine layer filling in overnight.  Moderate northwest flow in the afternoons.  Light northwest in the mornings, with perhaps some lighter winds Sunday and Monday.  For the next week or so.  If any of those systems decide to push south, I'll let you know here.

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