Thursday, May 14, 2015

Rain, rain, come our way...

There was sun early this morning, then clouds by 8AM, and now a little sun poking out again.  A decently wide band of rain is west of Big Sur.  More further south, with a heavy concentration west of Point Conception.  All moving easterly, with a slight northerly angle.  At this point, nothing seems imminent here in Santa Cruz.  Models still suggesting rain this afternoon here in town.  This morning's run, though, is suggesting that as the storm breaks, only a small amount of energy, and moisture will come across our region.  I'm going to lower our precip forecast to less than a quarter inch, and likely closer to a tenth of an inch.  Some shadowed spots in town could see nothing more than a drizzle or heavy mist.  That is not to say this storm is not packing moisture.  Los Angles is still forecast for a bullseye of two inches.  The Sierra Crest near and south of Mammoth Lakes will get over an inch and a half of precipitation.  Snow levels lowering to below 7000 feet.  All good news for water concerns.  We could even see over a half inch over a large portion of the north eastern portion of the state.

Ladder in the Ladder Canyon, Mecca, California.  Awesome, awesome hike.

Cool today and through the weekend.  Low 60s.  Will feel cooler in showers.  A second system should totally miss us over the weekend, so Friday will begin a clearing trend.  Warming will be held at bay, by said weekend system, which should bring more snow and rain to the high country and points south.  In fact, the totals spoken of above is total precip through early next week.  SoCal could be pretty wet on Saturday, and the mountain zones stay wet(ish) through around Monday.  Kind of cool that we stay mostly dry, when south and east of us is getting rain and snow.

Southerly flow today, and NW on Friday.  Some marine layer over the weekend, and NW wind afternoons.  Likely no more rain after this afternoon and evening, for Santa Cruz.  Wet else where.  Cool, and sunny afternoons.  Weather remains active next week, but currently looks like it will be north of us, and we will be set up under another spring time high.  So, likely, breezy.

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