Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Warmer, with waves, and then a decent chance for rain.

It sure felt cool the past two days.  Mostly the effect of a heavy marine layer yesterday, developed by an approaching cold front today.  Not to fret.  That storm is moving east, but not before leaving a one inch blanket of snow up high.  Been a decent April for the Sierra so far.  Too bad the rest of the season was so dismal.  Anyway, things begin to warm up tomorrow, but by Thursday, we could see the start of an off shore flow and some real nice warmth.  Upper 70s Wednesday, and just about 80F Thursday, and perhaps Friday.  Another storm system moves through to our north over the weekend.  As in British Columbia.  But that should be enough to push the high temps back down into the low 70s.  Overnight lows should be on the increase through the period, with low 40s tonight, but upper 40s by late in the weekend.  Of greater interest, for many in Santa Cruz, will be the arrival of a decent sized long period NW swell by Thursday evening.  We could see Mavericks breaking on Friday, and a decent amount of swell filling into town.  Might be the last solid winter swell of the season.

Timber Creek base at Kirkwood, back on April 1st.  Low snow conditions for sure.

Early next work week, a low pressure system is forecast to develop in the Gulf of Alaska, and begin pushing south east.  We are looking at a chance of decent rains for the middle of next week, lasting perhaps for several days.  In fact, the models are looking quite progressive.  Keeping an eye on these, but not yet holding my breath.  We really do need the rains, and will remain hopeful.  Just keep in mind we could see cooler and wetter weather beginning as early as next Tuesday.  At the very least, I'd expect a return to high temps in the 60s.  Stay tuned.

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