Saturday, December 7, 2013

Cold Weekend, but things clear out early.

The storm has pretty much passed for us here in Santa Cruz.  Clouds still block the view to Monterey, so they could have more morning showers.  Radar shows there is still a little bit of action to our west, so we could still see some light showers sporadically this morning.  Go downtown and enjoy the holiday parade.  Much better out there than forecasted.  But bundle up.  It is still cold.  And more cold air filters in tonight, although, it does not look like it will be quite as chilly as expected.  Low 30s for us in town, maybe dropping to the upper 20's in the local mountains.  The inland valley will be freezing, with extended periods in the low 20s.  We might have some citrus issues from this chill.

A great place to be after, or during a rain.  Among Redwoods.  Henry Cowell SP.

Sunday we struggle to break into the 50s again.  Slight warming trend for the coming week.  Models are all over the place for the weather late in the week, so I will likely watch a few runs and update for that on Monday.  Right now I am just enjoying the morning sunshine and the fact that this storm cruised through our area pretty quickly.  I doubt we even got a 1/4 inch yesterday, let alone the 1/2 inch the GFS called for.  While this system did speed through our area, it has settled down in the Sierra where a foot or two fell last night, and more continues to fall.  Expect those ski resorts to start opening up more terrain.  It is very light blower snow, so it will not get a lot of the steeper and rockier stuff to pop, but you probably will be able to ski a bit more than the white ribbon.  I might head on up to check it out tomorrow.  It is not like the surf looks all that promising this weekend.  Maybe a small swell for Monday.  And I know some of you like a wet bike trail, but I don't need another cleaning project on my hands.  More on Monday.

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