Saturday, December 14, 2013

Great time to work on a holiday tan.

Seriously, this weekend and the start of next week look splendid for mid December.  We have moved solidly into the 60s for today, with upper 60s for Sunday and moving into the 70s on Monday.  Over night, with the calm winds, it is still pretty chilly.  Upper 30s, but still some frost development.  We saw frost still on the ground at noon, both Wednesday and Thursday, tucked up near the red woods.  That is some cold folks.  Mornings will be slightly warmer during the start of the week.  Say, low to mid 40s.  But not for long.  More cold is on the way.  Get your tan on while it is warm enough to remove some garments.  No rain in the forecast.

Get it while it is good.  Kirkwood ridge line.

After Monday, it will not be as warm, but it won't be cold.  Mid 60s.  Then Thursday, a mostly dry system crashes south and brings us another round of cold air.  Lows in the mid 30s.  Highs in the upper 50s.  Not quite as cold as the last system, but chilly none the less.  This system once looked like it would bring some rain somewhere.  Now we will be lucky to squeeze and inch of snow out of it at high elevations.  And no real water is showing up in the mid and long term right now.  It could be a very dry month.  The ski resorts could really use a good dump before the holidays, and the state could use the water.  Fingers crossed, but it does not look likely.  Well, back to completing work in the yard.  In the meantime, the surf is real good, with finally some swell and nice clean conditions.  Bigger swell for Monday.  Wear a hood,  It is cold out there.  I'll post up again early next week, looking at the surf and coming cold.  And I'll keep an eye out for rain.  Like I said, this would be a good weekend o be up skiing.  Nice weather, and the snow we do have is fun, and it is only getting older.  Hell, Kirkwood opened Chair 6 today, so Tahoe does have some steeps on offer.

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