Friday, December 6, 2013

Rain Overnight.

Coming in after sunset, although clouds could fill more this afternoon.    Onset before midnight, with heaviest rain subsiding just about daybreak.  Rain tapering through the day.  Cold.  Colder again tomorrow night, with temps forecast below freezing by early morning.  Will depend on cloud clover.  Less means colder.  Really try to get out there and protect your loved ones.  This will be the coldest morning yet.  Sunday will be a chilly one.  Warming through mid week.  More later today when I have a chance to sit.

Along the trail.  Henry Cowell SP.

Evening Edit:  I felt the first drops around 3:30 today, and we had a steady rain develop by night fall.  Brunt of the system is still to hit later tonight, but it looks like we received precipitation from a few forward bands.  I can hear a steady pitter patter on the roof top.  Look around the local hills tomorrow for snow on top.  Could be a beautiful one, if chilly.  Sunday still looks cold, and we could drop below freezing for a few hours, even right up to the coast.

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