Sunday, December 1, 2013

Looking Dry, Breezy and Cold.

Freezing actually, by early Thursday morning.  But first, I apologies for my lack of update concerning the epic weather we just experienced this past weekend.  I saw it coming via my phone, but lacked an internet connection to update this page.  Maybe I need to set up a twitter feed.  Anyway, it was lovely out.  Hoped you didn't stay inside all weekend watching football or something.  And the surf was not too shabby either.  But, let us look at what is to come.  Basically, coldness.  Monday will start off not too different than this morning, in the low to mid 40s.  The day will begin quite nice, but a stiff northwest breeze will develop by afternoon and begin ushering in cooler air.  What was low 70s today will be mid 60s tomorrow.  Then things start to get chilly.

It will be quite at the beaches this week at least.

A cold front is expected to arrive on Tuesday with cold Canadian air behind it.  It looks like this system may produce some light snow showers in the Sierra, but we will likely remain dry here in Santa Cruz.  Still, slight chance for a drizzle.  Very good chance for coldness.  Highs should only reach into the low to mid 50s.  Windy conditions prevail, which actually will help keep the early morning lows from dropping into the freezing zone here in Santa Cruz.  Let us say it will only be a brisk 35F.  Not quite freezing.  Other inland areas around the Bay are likely to see some sort of freeze Wednesday morning.  Winds will begin to subside, but with the cold air in place, daytime highs will struggle to reach much past 50F.  Then as the night time sky clears, and the wind stops, Thursday morning will be very cold with freezing temperatures expected across our county, right up to the coastal bluffs.  We may see 32F on West Cliff Drive.  It then looks pretty much the same through Sunday, with slight increases in daytime highs, maybe getting back to the mid 50s by the start of next week.

Okay, so I am sure your gutters are clean by now if you have been listening to me.  You will thank me latter when we actually do get some real rain.   But now you need to start thinking about your young winter gardens or frost sensitive plants.  Not sure yet just how cold this thing will get, but we are looking at temps way below average for early December.  These are cold overnight lows for any time of year.  Use floating row covers or other tenting devices to protect your plants.  We are looking at Wednesday through Friday night at least.  Maybe even into next week.  For you snow schussers, this thing is not a going to be a big producer and will do little for improving our lack of base, but it will help the resorts with snow making.  Guns should be firing all day by mid week.  I guess that is exciting.  More as we start seeing this cold air impact our region.  Bundle up buttercup.

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