Thursday, December 5, 2013

Splitting the difference. Rain should begin around night fall Friday. Wet Saturday.

The GFS continues to hold off on the start of rain, but other models and outlets call for rain by mid day Friday.  Everyone agrees that there will be rain.  NWS backed off on the timing as well.  All in all, it looks like a fast, quick storm, that will drop a decent amount of rain over night.  Showery weather breaks apart during the day, and we could even see some sun (fingers crossed) by afternoon.  But with a good half inch expected, the ground will be fairly wet on Saturday.  And it will be breezy, as well.  Cold air follow behind the storm, and if those sky is clear, we could dip down into the 20s for early Saturday morning. Brr.  We could be stuck in the high 40s for Sunday, but at least the wind will back down.  Brrrrrrrrr.  Much warmer on Monday, but still in the mid 50s.  Low to mid 60s by mid week, which will feel right warm after these days.  But we could be looking at another storm to finish off the week.  Folks, this is going to feel like a winter weekend.  Be prepared.

I'll take a final look at this storm, and the coming week tomorrow morning.  For now, stay bundled up, and keep watching out for your plants, pets and folks living outside.

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