Sunday, August 16, 2015

101 with a bit of smoke.

I read today that Santa Cruz recorded a record high temp of a 101F for August 10th, on Saturday.  I can tell you it was plenty damn hot at the beach all day.  Sweltering.  Ocean still felt refreshing.  When we came back into town, it looked foggy out toward the east.  My wife returned from a stroll to report it was smoke.  Smoke from the Jerusalem fire.  Towards Napa.  The winds shifted just perfectly yesterday to blow that smoke right into the Bay Area yesterday.  And also kept most of town in a wind shadow allowing for a gorgeous, and hot, day.  Things are moderating.  And normalizing.

Ladder, in the Ladder Canyon, near Mecca California.  Trip Report at WaveStoke.

Today the wind shifted a bit more westerly, which helped cool things off, and push that smoke elsewhere.  It will continue to do more so tomorrow.  High temps for Monday are back down into the 70s.  Give or take, that is how it will be all week.  Marine layer comes back into play on Tuesday.  We could see the pressure gradient pull north and an eddy flow develop through mid week.  If that were to happen, the onshore flow would shift from the southwesterly direction, and the marine layer would stick around longer into the day.  It looks certain that NW flow will develop by late in the work week.

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