Monday, August 10, 2015

Back at home.

It is always wonderful to return home to Santa Cruz.  Don't get me wrong, I miss walking out into the Campo as well as building sand castles to be taken by the tide near the Wells jetty.  Still, home is pretty stunning.  We arrived in town just a few days before the lightening storm last week.  That was special.  Real special.  And the rain even felt nice.  We did not get much on our travels.  And at least for the east coast leg, we expect a few good thunderstorms a few days.  We ended up with mostly beach weather.  Can't complain much.  As for the weather at home, it is oddly typical summer ish.  I mean, not much is normal, with tropical waves and humidity and such, but things have shifted into a more regular coastal high developing and onshore flow with foggy mornings and breezy afternoons.  Not strong wind, but a solid moderate blow.  Summer like.

Facciatone e Luna, Siena, Italy.

Upper 50s to mid 70s is the daily range.  Not much changing this week.  Light to moderate on shore flow, strongest in the afternoons.  North Pacific is not doing much.  South Pacific is not doing much. There are warm pools of water and things are looking more and more like an El Nino pattern into the autumn. Look for a seasonal change with tropical systems starting to recurve toward the Gulf of Alaska.  If that starts to happen, we will get swell, weather and soon enough, rain.  We will need to watch the oceans and see what develops.  It is good to be back.

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