Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Slack wind.

It seemed obvious by mid afternoon yesterday.  The marine layer never really pulled far from West Cliff, if at all.  It certainly was creeping up the western slope as early as 5PM yesterday evening.  Usually that is the result of an eddy flow.  This morning the flags clearly show a SSW flow on the water.  The bad news is this is what keeps us cool through most of the day.  There is a huge upside though.  It is not like it is hot and uncomfortable like it is inland.  And this flow brings us more warm water.  Sunday the ocean felt chilly again, due to the days of upwelling.  With that put to an end for a bit, and surface water pushing north, it should warm right back up.  And it was not like it was cold, as it typically is.  Anyway, we have a few more days of light winds, with the flow slowly moving through the west and toward the WNW by Friday.  Right now it looks like the gradient remains weak with winds less than 10 knots.

Palazzo  Pubblico, Siena, Italy.  It was hot there on July 4th.

After this week, we could see some developing high pressure.  And a bit of warming.  Likely only into the upper 70s.  And there is some mathematical chatter about a weak low pressure developing in the Gulf of Alaska next week, and then pushing south before moving inland Thursday, centered around Seattle.  Nothing really to effect us here, but an interesting August event if it does come to pass.

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