Monday, August 24, 2015

Continuing trends.

With the lack of marine layer covering the Westside, this morning has a crisp feel to it.  Not quite autumn like in its crispness, but nearly.  A taste.  Warming trend continues with today in the upper 70s.  Low 80s by Friday are a reasonable expectation.  It will be nice in that sun before the wind picks up today.  Moderate on shores are expected through tomorrow, and then they become lighter.  Thursday should have slackest winds and Friday the warmest temperatures.  The weekend looks nice with light to moderate winds and mid 70s.  Perhaps some fog in the morning.  Very much like one would expect in August.

Valdimontone flags tossed before the Duomo.  Siena, Italy.  

Swell makers produced less than anticipated.  Still, a small SW swell is in the water, and a very small W is developing.  They should both be here later this week and into the weekend.  Perhaps the best surf we've seen for a while, but not really that impressive looking of a swell.  Summer continues.  It is not surprising that Atsani is not holding together so well as it recurves to the NW.  It is August after all.  It is surprising that the storm recurved at all.  Just another sign that we are setting up for a solid El Nino.  Fingers crossed for an epic fall and a wet winter.  More later.

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