Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A crank of the engine?

Well, still on track for a warming trend.  Perhaps it will peak Thursday, and not Friday.  Still aiming at low 80s.  Might hit a mid 80s.  Might.  Yesterday's lack of fog was nice.  Felt warmer.  But this stuff will pull out soon.  More on shore breeze today.  Lightening through the later half of the work week.  The reason the warmth will peak and begin to subside is a broad, but very weak low pressure system pushing south in the Gulf.  That will eventually fall apart and rain on shore to our north. Maybe some for NorCal.  What is interesting is that energy is to hop over the bubble of a high and into the extreme north eastern corner of the Gulf of Alaska.  And deepen.  By mid next week, it is forecast to drop to below 976mb.  That's deep yo.  Again this pushes south and begins to weaken before moving ashore to our north.  So, no, our weather will not change much.  More versions of the same.  Overnight lows have moved into the 60s.  Which is good news for tomatoes. If you fertilize, you may want to hit them with some organic flowering agent, and boost that bloom.  Good fruit setting weather, and with autumn around the corner, this could be a good time to set more fruit.  Speaking of tomatoes, seems like a good year for them.  I abused the hell out of mine and they are going off and not sick.  Anyway.  Got to go.  More of the same, but perhaps the autumn storm engine is beginning to crank.  If that happens, the weather will change.

July 4th happens to be a feast day for Bruco.  Siena, Italy.

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