Thursday, August 27, 2015

Doood. Silly fun long range.

Still on track this week with the same ole same ole.  Today will get pretty damn warm.  We might get a 90F reading in a parking lot in the sun.  Afternoon sea breeze will combat that chance fairly well.  Expect mid to upper 80s in town, and about 80F on the cliffs.  Damn nice if you ask me.  A touch less warm tomorrow.  A touch less breeze as well.  We move through our cooling trend over the weekend, with afternoon highs dropping into the mid to low 70s.  Again, less of a breeze.  At least on Saturday.  Next week is the typical summer time morning fog and afternoon sun, with temps expected in the low 70s.  Overnight lows drop back down into the upper 50s.  Hope you set a few tomatoes, and continue to do so, while it was warm at night.  Anyway, none of this is very interesting.  What is interesting is the long term fantasy charts.

Siena in the morning.

Basically we in the short term we are still expecting a low to develop in the north eastern Gulf of Alaska.  In fact, a weak, broad one is already there.  But a deeper one if developing north of there, and is expected to hang out through the middle of next week.  In fact, that is what is to suppress our warming temps under this high pressure.  By day ten, we are looking at a more normalized August condition, with a strong high pressure occupying much of the Gulf of Alaska and ridging strong into California.

What might not be so normal are the three tropical systems forecast to be surround Hawaii at that time.  One to the west, one the north and one the east.  As we move through day 16, as in the fantasy forecast, the two eastern most systems begin to drift NNE.  One begins to interact with energy from the north and goes extra tropical.  The other tracks toward California for a few days before getting absorbed into the strengthening system fueled by the first storm.  And then suddenly, it looks like a strong fall pattern.  Could the NPAC get energized in the next two weeks?  Something to watch.

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