Wednesday, September 2, 2015

More warmth returning to town.

August felt like a fine, warm month.  Like summer somewhere that is not Santa Cruz. Of course, we had some fog.  And some chill.  But it sure was a warm one.  September arrived with a drizzle.  I thought about posting up about that forecast, but was busy with play dates.  And I really did not expect it to materialize.  But yesterday we got enough here on the west side to wet the pebble walkways in my yard.  The ground, on the other hand, did a plenty good job of absorbing anything that hit it.  So, the trend for this week will be moderating temps and then some significant warming for the holiday weekend.  And there should be a continuation of the small to moderate swell in the water.  Get the barbie ready.  It is time to sit back, relax and grill a little.

The Palio.  Siena, Italy

Marine layer is thin this morning.  Should burn off shortly.  Highs in the low 70s.  More of the same tomorrow.  But we begin to see less intrusion by the marine layer by Thursday night, which will send us into a warming trend.  First, we see some gusty north west winds keeping that layer away, then by Sunday, a high pressure dome might begin to protect us.  That would mean much less wind.  And more warmth.  Mid to upper 70s on Saturday and mid 80s by Sunday.  That should be the peak, but Labor Day itself looks like it should stay quite nice.

What is interesting is how autumn like things look in the high Sierra.  Typically, it would be hot up in Tahoe this time of year.  It is not.  Lows have been dipping into the 30s at elevation, and Friday night should dip below freezing.  Daily high temps dip into the 50s mid week, by rebound into the mid 60s for the weekend.  Odd that in summer the coast will be hitting the 80s and the Sierra only the 60s.  That spread is more typical of winter than summer.  Perhaps we are seeing the turn.  SOmething to watch.

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