Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Trending toward like maybe there might be a bit of drizzle.

Some of today's runs are suggesting a more dispersed system on Wednesday, as things move ashore.  This could help bring some very light rain to the Santa Cruz Mountains, with lesser amounts in the bulls eyes, such as around Tahoe.  The Sierra for instance, should receive about two tenths of an inch less than what was forecast yesterday.  But, this would mean more valley rain in the north, and coastal and mountain rain through the central part of the state.  Overall, we could, as a state, receive a bit more water from this system than what we thought yesterday.  Such wonderful news.  We will see something like one one hundredth of an inch.  Yeah.  Not much.  Still, watch for the potential of developing drizzle and even showers on Wednesday evening, and into Thursday morning.  We could use any little bit we can get.

Carabinieri gallop at the Prova Generale on July first.  Piazza del Campo, Siena, Italy.  

Otherwise, not a whole lot of change to the forecast.  Weekend will perhaps be not quite as warm and lovely, but still into the upper 70s with a chance of 80F.  And clear mornings.  So, still pretty damn nice.  Enjoy the last few days of summer and get ready to welcome in autumn.  There are carts of pumpkins sitting just up the coast ready to start gourd season.  And now that I mention produce, you may have noticed your cherry tomatoes popping more since the rain.  It is a good idea to get out and harvest anything just a bit ready and window ripen them before this next rain.  The green fruit can more easily absorb the excess water.  Beans on the other hand are loving this newly evenly wet soil.  We still have a few good months of summer garden left.  You may even see another few fruit set this coming weekend, but soon we will be into the just growth and ripen stage of things.

Anyway, cool the next few days.  Clouds and fog.  Some clearing this afternoon.  More clouds build through the day Wednesday.  A chance of rain exists.  Warmer and dryer Thursday.  A nice weekend ahead.  Oh, and pretty weak waves out there, but improving slightly for later in the week.  I imagine the mountain bike trails have a nice new tack and could get a refresh on Wednesday night.  Enjoy.

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