Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Pulled way back.

The system has a whole different look this morning, centered on the (relative to California) north coast, with over an inch forecast.  Rain line along the coast stays north of Point Reyes, with perhaps a sprinkle further south in the Sierra.  SoCal does not really draw in any moisture.  Ho, hum.  This morning in Santa Cruz it was crisp.  The sky was mostly clear, with a few sparse clouds.   These should develop further through the day, and we are expecting a fair amount of cloud cover late in the day.  Could be a nice sunset.   We might see some fog misting tonight and into the morning, but now it looks like we will not see any actual rain.  So, lighter than Monday morning's sprinkle.

Warming after today.  Along with clearing nights.  Expect some crisp late summer mornings, like today's, if that sky is clear.  Days warm into the mid to upper 70s and eventually to around 80F for the weekend.  Still on track.  Some bump in swell should arrive later this evening, with both a long period south and a mid period north developing.  Light morning winds with moderate plus afternoon north west winds for the work week, with less wind for the weekend.  Perhaps even with morning off shores.  Oh, the smell of fall.

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