Friday, September 4, 2015

Fair and improving.

Typical decent summer weather on tap.  While the fog was thick on Tuesday, and present on Wednesday, on Thursday we watched the sun rise.  Not bad for early September.  The rest of the week, it looks like the marine layer will be not a part of our weather pattern.  In other words, a good time to get away form the city lights of Santa Cruz, drive up the coast and gaze at some stars.  Overnight lows are lifting into the upper 50s, and highs will be into the low 80s for the holiday weekend.  Mid 70s on Friday.  But with a good deal of sea breeze.  That wind should lighten as we move through the weekend.  And we settle back into the upper 70s for next week with a continued light wind pattern.

Always being watched inside the Duomo in Siena, Italy.

So far the surf in September has been less than spectacular, but way better than most of August.  The south Pacific has stirred a bit, but looks like it is settling down, as is typical late in the summer season.  Perhaps we will see a few more decent swells, but really we are waiting for the north to turn on.  In a tropical sense, it has, with four named storms roaming about the ocean, with another budding off the Mexican coast.  We could begin to see some of these systems recurve to the east as they are currently drifting north.  Mixed with a little arctic juice, and we could see some decent west swells developing by mid month.  Currently it is wait and see as high pressure is still the dominant pattern in the north.  Waiting and watching for the turn toward autumn.

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