Monday, September 21, 2015

That was a fine run of beach weather.  More tolerable weather for other endeavors arrives tomorrow.  We might even get to enjoy an approaching marine layer this evening.It is trying its best to develop.  Regardless, cooler air and stronger on shore winds will be the call for tomorrow, with high temps dropping back down into the low 70s.  Much cooler than today.  It is 6:45, and is likely still warmer than the high for Tuesday.  Relief.  For a bit.  We will need to watch that marine layer, as it might have a hard time forming as on Wednesday another weak and broad low begins to dominate the north east Gulf of Alaska.  Basically, we could see more warm air pumped our way with highs building back into the upper 70s for Wednesday.  Right now the end of the work week looks plenty warm, buts highs seems to only build to about 80F.  So, like, really nice weather.  Maybe a chance of fog in the mornings, depending how this next system moves.

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By the weekend, stronger on shore winds again develop.  Potentially very strong.  Get your kites out.  Which, of course, means not quite as war, with temps back down in the low to mid 70s, and a greater chance of morning fog.  Mid term, as in the middle of next week, there is a chance to see the gradient move north, along with the high pressure dome, potentially bringing back more intense heat.  Go figure.  Of course a shift here or there turns that pump of warmth into a south flow fog bank of doom.  But I doubt we see one of those.  I don't think I've seen one all summer.  But I have seen plenty of heat.  Tomatoes are going off!

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