Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Warmth continues...

So much for moderation.  We stick in the 90s to start the week, and hang in the 80s until the weekend.  We have had a lot of warmth this summer.  The tomatoes are stoked.  Kind of wish I tried corn and peppers this year.  Over night lows are in the low 60s.  Here is the break down.  Very slight cooling as we head through the work week.  Light westerly afternoon breezes.  It will be quite nice with daytime highs today in the mid 90s and dropping into the upper 80s by Wednesday, and then sticking there through the work week.  We could see cooling for the weekend, bringing us back into the more typical upper 70s.  A stellar week is on tap.  Oh, and no fog.  It makes you wonder if you are really in Santa Cruz.  In summer.

Tuscan countryside.

I'll take a look at the mid and long term later today, and hope to update here tomorrow.  In the short term, just go hit the beach.  It is going to be great out there.  And I should mention there are still a few powerful south swells out there, so use caution.  Surf moderates through the rest of the week, but we should still see plenty of fun surf.  September is awesome.

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