Thursday, September 24, 2015

Old School, plus a few degrees.

It seems like I used to see a lot of days where the low would be about 58F and the high about 72F, with a morning marine layer, and clearing to afternoon winds.  This week is kind of the same, but way different.  First of all, it was baking out there today.  The front is supposed to enter NorCal a touch earlier, so tomorrow may not see as much warmth.  NOAA is not even calling for us to escape the 70s.  Hard to believe that after today.  Still, it will all depend on when those winds will usher in some cooling air.  And those winds are looking to turn lighter each day through Sunday.  And no marine layer until then either.  Daily highs bottom out in the mid 70s.  Or rather, it stays off our shore for the most part.  All of this fueled by a low pressure pushing ashore well to our north.  Right now, the short term forecast is kind of boring.  Marine layer looks to retreat for Monday, with some warming by Tuesday.  That super burst of warmth looks less likely and seems look like more of the same with us pretty much in the upper 70s and occasionally low 80s.  Expect for today that hit 90F.  Welcome to crisp and cool autumn times.

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