Monday, September 14, 2015

A confluence of factors leave me asleep at the wheel.

It drizzled on the west side of town this morning.  The roads were wet.  I had a great day at the Boardwalk with my son yesterday.  The sun never really came out.  It never got hot.  We did ride the flume three times, but it never quite felt hot enough to want to get that wet.  I saw the grey this weekend, and figured that remnants of Linda were indeed having their effect on the local weather.  Along with improved marine layer conditions.  And i actually saw the chance of rain posted.  But I never figured it would actually happen. Or bother to write about it.  So, at about 7:10 this morning, right after looking out at a wet deck, I was in the yard collecting tools and toys that are not supposed to get wet.  Immediately afterward i felt a little foolish, assuming the wetness would soon cease an the sun would soon come out.  Well, it drizzled off and on all morning, things are still wet, and the sun is just now trying to make an attempt to poke out.  And man is it chilly.  I hit that one on the head.  Upper 60s today.  And through Wednesday.

September, 2012.  Santa Cruz Boardwalk.  It was not this foggy down there this Sunday, but it was not sunny either.

We should see more sun after today, with some attempt at ridging tomorrow.  Moderate northwesterlies for Tuesday afternoon to result.  But a low pressure system, likely fueled by one of the many dissipating tropical systems will push south along the coast and clip us from the north on Wednesday.  There is currently no local rain forecast for this event, but this event is going to bring some rain to the Sierra, the north coast, and energize tropical weather in the southern tip of the state.  Nothing wide spread, but plenty fun.  We will remain cool and cloudy.  We could see more drizzle or rain this evening and on Wednesday night/ Thursday morning.  Could.  At least some grayness and coolness.

High pressure builds on Thursday, bringing us back into the mid 70s.  And Dryer.  We could return to more clear nights, with light afternoon on shores.  More good tomato weather.  Warmth could build and gets us back to the low 80s for the weekend.  And maybe offshore.  Super nice.  Not the oppressive heat you can not escape from, like the previous week.  I call it oppressive only because it is.  I do not mean to suggest that I don't enjoy that weather.  As I do.  From time to time.  Glad to be back to this though.  It felt awesome out there this morning.  And the fine weather coming to finish the week and last through the weekend is going to feel awesome.  For now, the dust has settled.

Oh, and the Gulf of Alaska is starting to look like it is becoming active with more systems up there in the mid and long term chart.  Will be watching and writing.

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