Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Autumn is nice.

Basically we finished summer of with a nice cool down and return to more normal weather.  It will actually be a bit warmer than typical over the next few days, but not hot.  At least not oppressively hot.  We had a marine layer again this morning, but from our house it looked like it stayed just near shore.  We saw starts through the night and enjoyed another gorgeous sunrise.  I love watching the sunrise.  If you are not typically up at that time of day, I would highly suggest altering your entire life so that is the case.  It is just too nice of a part of the day not to witness.  Anyway, enough of my bias.  How about that weather?  The next few days look similiar to Wednesday.  Winds will be north westerly, strongest in the afternoons.  Each day through Friday will see slightly lighter afternoon winds.  The temps will increase accordingly.  Highs peak in the low to mid 80s on Friday.  Saturday will still be in the low 80s, but with a strong north west gradient developing, things will cool off again by Sunday, back down into the upper 70s.  Gasp.

Brucco feast day.  Tossing flags in the Campo.  Siena, Italy.

In the mid term, there is another system developing in the Gulf early next week, but it looks like it quickly gets shunted north into Alaska.  Still, it is nice to see some energy sticking around.  Around the same time the jet stream might energize near the Kuril islands.  So there are those signs of fall.  Now, if we could have them happen in the same place at the sign time, we could get the surf season started.  Until then, clean the house, get ready for rain, and ride some trails.  Or try to get turns in anyway.  I did this morning.  I got four or five turns in fact.  Enjoy this fine weather we have on tap.

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