Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Heat gets a longevity boost.

If you love it, you love it.  If you hate it, you hate it.  We are headed to the beach in an hour, so I think we are loving it.  The heat that started on Saturday has gotten another boost and Santa Cruz is expected to stick in the 90s through the the work week.  The flip side of it is that the cooling, when it does arrive, will be more significant than thought.  It will feel pretty cool by the middle of next week as the daily highs plummet down to the low 70s.  More than 20 degrees cooler than today and tomorrow.  But let me share some details.  Sunny days continue.  Mid 90s for today and Thursday.  Low 90s on Friday.  Overnight lows in the low 60s make for some good blooming and fruit setting temperatures.  In other words, tomato season continues to go off.

San Antimo.  Tuscan country church.

By Saturday, we see our daily high drop into the mid to upper 80s.  Upper 70s on Sunday.  Mid to low 70s to start next work week.  As those day time highs drop, so will the overnight lows, which will drop back into the upper 50s by Sunday night.  Not too cold for tomatoes, but not ideal.  We may even begin to see some return of the marine layer by Monday night, but not really expecting much more than patchy fog to begin the week.

The surf will be subsiding slowly all week.  More than a few tropical systems are swirling through the Pacific, with one headed toward the Gulf of Alaska.  While it is driving swell toward British Columbia, we should see some small side band swell from it later in the week.  Another system, off of Cabo,  will send swell to SoCal from the south east.  Still another in the eastern Pacific may recurve and send more energy for next week.  All this while the strongest of three Kelvin waves push across the Pacific, which only means that the El Nino is continuing to build.  So after all this great weather on tap this week, you may want to begin to think about prepping for this coming winter.  Obviously, get your yard in order.  But also, shop for some rain gear.  Remember that stuff we used to use?  Boots.  Coats.  Pants.  It is looking likely that we will see some rain events this winter.

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