Wednesday, September 30, 2015

"Feels like midwest weather."

Or, come to think of it, did he say north west.  This morning I first heard the rain around 6:30.  I got up to pull some towels and rugs off the deck rail.  A drop or two fell on me.  But not drizzle.  Actual rain drops.  Yet quite sparse.  I assumed it was just a passing odd disturbance.  Nope.  It is still happing.  Sure, it has not been a continuous rain by any means.  One need not put on any special or protective clothing.  It is as if the rain dries as soon as it falls.  The ground never quite wets.  Very different than the drizzle we had a week or so ago.  The one that thoroughly wet the pavement even.  No, this is a very dry rain indeed.  At least it is not sloppy out.  Well, now, a bit about the weather.  It is a dry wet out there.  Low 70s.  Light wind.  Cloud cover should keep it warm tonight at nearly 60F. The current occasional rain drop fall should continue through the early morning hours.  Then this system will move out to our north east, allowing high pressure to fill back in.

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Thursday, and Friday, will likely be breezy, especially in the afternoons.  A result of the filling high pressure.  Some warming will also result.  Friday could be decently warm in wind protected corners of the county.  Upper 70s in town, and lower 80s in parts of the local mountains.  This trend will be short lived.  And here is where things kind of get interesting.  A low pressure region will displace the high, moving in from our south east.  This will allow some cooling to take place, but the wind gradient will move north, off the Mendocino coast, by late in the weekend.  At the while, a large low pressure system is developing in the mid Pacific, north of Hawaii and drifting north easterly.  Next Thursday, that thing slams into the western coastline.  This afternoon's run brings light rain to Santa Cruz, with significant rain in portions of northern California.  But, of course, we must recall that last week's models suggested a big, dry, warm high pressure on us today, when in truth, it is raining.  Guess is time that I begin to look at the day to day.

For now, more moisture through the morning hours.  Some warming and afternoon winds Thursday.  Mid 70s.  Upper 70s on Friday.  Cooling back to the mid 70s and less wind to start the next work week.  Just some wind swell in the water.  Might want to really start thinking about packing up the yard for winter.  If nothing else, today's model runs suggest that things are about to get started.  And if you surf, you'll have less time to pick up the yard, once the waves pick up.  And they will.

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