Thursday, October 1, 2015

More rain for the weekend.

Did that get your attention?  Figured it would more than my first choice for headline, which was, "Wha?"  Seriously interesting weather we are having.  It seemed to clear a bit last night around sunset.  Speaking of which, it was spectacular.  And was this morning's sunrise.  And then it rained around 8AM or so.  Not the almost rain that fell through the day yesterday, but real, actual, steady rain.  For about a half hour or so.  The ground actually got wet.  At least the exposed bare earth and the pebbles at my house did.  My garden plants' leaves got a decent washing as well.  Always good for the cucumbers and beans.  And we did not get too much, so the tomatoes are likely to be loving it as well.  And then the sun broke out around noon and it got warm.  Just about in the low 70s.  There is still a lot of moisture in the air, so clouds line the local mountains.  Big puffy, white ones.  It is pretty out there.  Onshore flow is moderate, and a marine layer could push in tonight.  Combined with the upper clouds, the sky will be at least partly blanketed, so another night of not too cool temps.

The Duomo, Siena, Italy.  At sunset in June.  We have way better sunsets going on these days.  Get out there this evening.

I expect any overnight clouds or fog to clear fairly early tomorrow.  The northwest onshore flow will help blow it out, along with a warmer day in store.  Not really looking at 80F, but it will be noticeably warmer than today.  Then, over the weekend, energy from the north will hop into the low developing underneath us, and now looks like the closed low will travel down the coast bring light rain to our region and moderate, to possibly heavy, rain along the southern coastline.  Right now the track is forecast just off shore, but if it were to shift a hundred miles east, it will bring some nice rain to the state.  More likely some clouds, and perhaps a sprinkle, on Sunday here in Santa Cruz.  Better chances for more rain south of Point Conception.  Interesting enough.  Of course this solution effectively closes the storm door behind it, and that system next week diverts to the north.

The weekend will be cooler, and calmer, and cloudier.  Low 70s, mid 50s.  Things begin to clear and dry Monday.  Days will warm to the mid 70s, and nights will follow by warming to upper 50s.  Although those clear skies will allow things to feel crisp early.  Winds look like they still might go slack early next week.  Wind swell is on the increase over the weekend.  Hopefully that thing next weeks out in the Gulf develops us some nice swell.

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