Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Some adjustments.

For instance, it was drizzly this morning.  More than just fog stuff.  But not really rain. Although there were a few drops last night up the coast at sunset.   They say there is still a chance for some today but looking outside at the blue up there, I'd suggest it is  a slim chance.  Tomorrow morning will be heavy and grey again.  High of about 70F, with some strong on shore winds from the north west.  Beaches up the coast could be seeing 20-25 mph gusts.  Ouch.  Swell is pumping though.  Go check out the show and walk along West Cliff this evening.  The tide will be out, and everyone will be surfing.  Good thing to suggest here.  Stay away from the water today and tomorrow unless you really do know what you are doing.  Things will be dangerous for a beginner out there today.  Watch the waves hitting the cliffs and stay away from the edge.  And all that stuff.  Just be smart.

What was once a Sierra tree.  Kirkwood, California.

Friday and Saturday look nice with clear mornings and mid to upper 70s warmth.  Now here comes the switch.  You know that cold front I mentioned coming for Sunday and early next week?  Well, it has picked up some moisture.  So we could see a few bouts of light rain starting late Sunday and into the middle of next week.  Not looking like anything too heavy, but wetter than the models were the last few days.  Worth watching and planning accordingly.  Oh, and more swell arriving on Halloween, although with a bit less height.    

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