Friday, October 23, 2015

What was south, is north.

Like I've said before, this time of year, any forecast further than six hours out if basically guessing.  The system for next Wednesday, that looked to dive south yesterday, skirts north based on today's solution.  Still, confidence builds for some sort of wet solution next Wednesday.  And the forecast ship steers straight through then.  Mid 70s for high temps, crisp mornings, perhaps scattered fog along the coast in the morning, and light winds.  Great news for those wanting to surf the arriving NW swell which is feeling like the best yet this season.  It was carrying a little extra power out there this morning, and fully expect this oner to be wrapping into town.  By tomorrow head high ish swell from Hurricane Olaf will be strengthening from the SW, and shifting more to the W by Sunday.  That will be backed up by another long period southern hemi swell.  And if that were not enough, we see another small to moderate NW arriving Monday, and a bigger one on Wednesday.  Autumn is here.

Bunkering down at Wells Beach, Maine.

Watch the forecasts, as we see a chance for rain next Wednesday.  How much and under what condition is still up for question.  Looks like a warm storm, with not a whole lot of wind or rain as of right now.  But we are still five days out.  A lot can change by then.  In the meantime, enjoy the nice weather and pumping swell.

On another note, what has been consistent in the model runs is a series or strong, broad storms moving across the NPCA next week.  We could be in for some serious swell.  There is also a small, closed low, expected impact the northern California coast later this weekend, but none of that rain should drift south.  Just a curious bit of weather.  Stay tuned and prep that yard.  While it does not look like a lot coming next week, that could change.

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