Thursday, October 29, 2015

Rain or shine, two things are looking pretty for sure.

First one is that Friday and especially Saturday are lining up to be stellar.  Some cool and crisp mornings.  A little bit of a on shore flow still on Friday.  Upper 70s look likely, and I would not be surprised if the warmer areas of town top 80F.  The second for sure thing is much cooler air for next work week, arriving with a cold front on Sunday afternoon.  We will be looking at highs in the mid 60s by the middle of next week, and lows could drop down into the upper 40s by Wednesday morning.  Chilly.  We still see a decent chance for rain, especially over night Sunday into Monday morning.

Last light wave in Fisherman's Cove, Wells Beach, Maine.

But it is looking more and more like this storm will jump from off the Oregon coast to the southern Cascades and Sierra Nevada, ultimately leaving us in a more showery wake.  And while we could use the water locally, the good news is that this should bring a nice moderate rainfall to the state.  And we should get some snow out of it, mostly along the crest and on the peaks.  We could see a few inches down to Lake Tahoe.  In Santa Cruz, expect it to be cool, showery, and a bit breezy.  A fun day to either cozy up and stay inside, or don stompers, slickers and hats and go for a romp through the redwoods.

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