Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Enter Autumn.

Get your gourds out.  And corn stalks.  It is fall.  And the weather is falling right in line.  Cool nights, with early morning lows in the mid to upper 50s.  We get a little extra cooling thanks a clear sky.  Those starts were certainly stunning this morning.  I used my son's binoculars to spy of Venus, and could see it was a crescent.  Pretty cool stuff.  Light, off shore breezes in the morning give way to light on shore afternoon winds, at around 10-15 mph.  Warming up into the mid to upper 70s.  Friday and Saturday will be the warmest, pushing 80F.  Things stay clear through the middle of next week.

All in all, some nice weather.  And we are seeing a building series of small southern hemi swells piling on this week.  It is chest high today.  Bigger through Friday.  Hurricane Ono delivers a solid head high plus pulse out of the WSW on Saturday, shifting NW on Sunday and lingering into next week.  Looks like a fun run of surf coming.  And some fine weather.

High pressure begins to weaken after Saturday, and high temps will subside a bit.  Mid 70s.  But it looks to remain strong enough to fend off a series of storms next week and beyond, sending them well to our north.  We could be looking at a nice run of fine fall weather and fine fall swell.  Enjoy.

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