Monday, October 19, 2015

Dryer and Warmer.

So, to start, there is chatter about an emerging MJO, a flipping PNA and a wet system for the end of the month.  I've seen a  few model runs suggest a Halloween storm, but at two weeks away, very little faith is given.  Regardless, thought I'd throw that out there this Monday morning, if just to have it on your radar.  And to re-enforce the need to get ready for winter this year.  It is easy to get lax after so many mild years.  In the meantime, the weather is moving from awesome to awesome.  Clouds remain through at least he first half of the day, but we will be dry by Tuesday.  Today there is still some cool air in place with a high of about 70F.  With a clear night expected, our low will did well into the 50s.  Perhaps even dropping to the mid 50s by tomorrow night.  The flip side is it will warm to the mid to upper 70s through the afternoons the rest of this week.  And the sky will be clear.  Sunsets will be a bit less stunning, but start gazing is on.  We have been enjoying Venus, Jupiter and Mars recently, with the waning moon gone in the early morning hours.  Did you know that you could see Venus's crescent through a pair of kid binoculars?  Pretty cool.  October 26th will see the closest grouping of these three planets (with Venus and Jupiter in their third conjunction of the year) in the eastern sky.

Oct '11.  Surfed looked similiar for the CWC this year.

Clouds and cool today.  All sun and stars starting this evening.  Warmer, in the mid 70s, through the week's end.  Possibly major pattern change for the last week of October.  Moderate swell in the water, and dropping.  Some SW long term, and perhaps a NW later this week.  Nothing stellar on the charts.  Waiting for the season to really kick off.

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