Saturday, October 24, 2015

And drier still.

Okay, so I'm not telling you to not pick up the yard tomorrow if you failed to find time today, but every model run is drier looking than the prior.  Perhaps more pertinent is that tomorrow will be a bit cooler than it was today.  And there does not look to be much of a rebound.  Regardless what next Wednesday brings, it will be a cooling trend through then.  Low 70s Sunday through Tuesday.  Upper 60s on Wednesday.  Still a chance for rain, but the storm is looking like it will fall apart with some moisture running ashore around Vancouver, with showers into Oregon.  Again, a lot can change, but we are now four days out, and by tomorrow afternoon's run, we will be getting a better idea of what will actually happen.  In the meantime, the weather is pretty damn nice out there.

The beaches of southern Maine are wide open when the tide pulls out.  Wells Beach.

If you happen to surf, you probably like how the weather for next Wednesday is panning out.  If our high pressure can deflect this strong storm far enough north, we could be in for a nice treat.  The whole thing is just winding up out there today, but if all goes as forecast, we could be seeing the first solid swell of the fall season arriving next Wednesday.  This thing is looking like the biggest yet this season, perhaps sending some solid double overhead swell up the coast.

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