Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Fine Sailing

More of the same tomorrow.  There will be some variations.  Such as tomorrow will likely have a little more morning fog in areas.  But that will burn off early.  Calm morning conditions will slowly give way to some sort of slight on shore.  And on Thursday we could see a clearer, crisper morning.  It might be a touch cooler on Thursday, but still well within the 70s for the high.  It sure makes a big difference in the sun this time of year.  The weather looks quite calm on Thursday in fact, as we return to a much more fall like pattern.  Still, fog could return later in the week for a few mornings.  But it will be warm and calm in the afternoons.  On shores will develop some days more than others.  By early next week we could see daytime highs pushing up toward 80F.  Not a bad October week.

We are going to see a return to swell later this week.  Currently a small long period south is offering up some small waves.  On Thursday, a new northwest combo shows up.  Seeing the last one kind of under delivered, I'm not getting too excited about this one.  Still, we should see some fun sized surf out of the north that slowly gives way through the weekend to a new moderate long period south.  This thing looks like it could be fun and combo up with more tropical swell.  Nothing epic just yet, but October has seen a fun run of surf.

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