Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Lining up for perhaps a sunny and warm weekend.

Notice the word perhaps.  This week continues with some typical feeling summer weather.  Feeling.  A weak low is actually developing just off shore and to our north.  Before that thing gets fully realized, summer kicks it out to the north east, toward Canada.  They might get some rain late in the week.  This is not a sign of things to come.  Not really.  Solid high pressure moves in Friday.  Good chance for a desert pump to set up late Friday and move some warmth and dryness to the area.  So, variations of foggy and cool mornings all week, with clearing and various strength of on shore breeze in the afternoon.  That whole upper 50s, mid 70s thing.  Saturday could be different.  A little different.  Dryness could keep that grey at bay, and warmth could develop here in Santa Cruz.  Maybe a 80F day.  But yeah, not really much going on right now.  Stay tuned.

California grasslands, looking dry in June.  Near Plaskett Creek

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