Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Fun in the sun.

Fine weather out there today.  A slight off shore this morning.  Sunshine abounds.  Warming through the day.  Look for mid to upper 70s in town.  Even West Cliff Drive might hit 70F this afternoon.  Got to love winter in Santa Cruz.  And while this nice weather should last a few more days, the real winter has not left the stage yet.  Today looks like the peak of fineness.  Get out there and gulp it in.  Thursday looks similiar; perhaps a touch cooler.  By Friday, the highs drop back into the upper 60s.  By Saturday, on shore flow returns, cooling things a touch more.  And bringing clouds.  By Sunday, well, by evening at least, we could see the return of light rain.  By Monday, like actual rain.  Currently the forecast totals is not for a whole lot of rain locally.  About a quarter inch here.  A good amount more for points north and down into the central Sierra.  By this time next week, we should be bak under a dome of high pressure.  More to come.

Winter is not finished yet.

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