Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Here it comes.

Remember that train of storms mentioned a while back?  Well, the break through storm is arriving now.  You likely feel the crispness and breeziness that is about.  And the thin cloud cover that is filling in.  Cirrus, I was told today. There is also a marine layer creeping out there today.  Anyway, we top out in the mid 60s today.  By this evening, we should see an increase in cloud cover, and a chance for some light showers starting Thursday morning.  From the model runs I've seen, this looks like a really light hit here locally.  Here in town, something like a tenth of an inch, with a bit more in the favorable spots in the mountains.  But, it is a door opener.  And we see a chance of rain stretched out over the next ten days.  Things do like they clear out later in the day Thursday, so the sun set could go off.  Friday will likely start dry, but by nightfall, rain is looking likely.  This time falling mainly overnight.  This time more in the realm of a third of an inch of rain.  Then things begin to turn on.  Like really on.

The surf will take a storm toward the stormier side starting tomorrow.

Saturday will be windy and wet.  So will Sunday.  A cold front will pass through Saturday evening, and will bring with it plenty of moisture.  Sunday morning will be crisp in the upper 40s.  The day time highs will drop to the low 60s.  There does look like there will be a break by mid day on Monday.  Tuesday mid day, we begin to see another round of possible rain.  So, in short, it is going to be rainy for a bit.  Looks like through the following weekend and into that next week.  Details are hard to pin down right now, as much of this is still five or more days out.  But it will be wet.  And the Sierra is expecting a big boost to the snow pack.  Which is good news after nearly a month of settling with just one storm for the period.  The pack has dropped several feet across the board.  At least my buddies wood pile is melted out again.

Saturday we are looking at a forecast of an inch plus of rain.  For the period Sunday through Monday, about two.  Tuesday and Wednesday, about a half inch.  So, those are looking like your drier days for the period, as another system winds up to us some time between Thursday and next weekend (March 12/13).  Get ready to handle plenty of water, because winter is coming back to remind us that it is not over just yet.  Oh, and this all has a bit more of that El Nino signature.  That is good news for SoCal.

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