Saturday, February 27, 2016

All over the place.

Yesterday the GFS had my back, or little toe.  Today's run did not build my confidence.  Storm pattern still looked to turn wet, but hourly play out looked like a completely different forecast.  So, how it will all go is still very much a mystery.  Biggest thing to note is the storm forecast for next Thursday pulled way back.  What was looking like a moderate soaker, now looks like a mild wetter.  And that whole 'baton down the hatches' thing yesterday might have been a little overkill.  Sorry.  Still, it was good advice.  Especially if my toe was right.  Anyway, short term looks a little different, with less warming expected on Monday and early in the week.  We will likely still hit 70F in favorable parts of town, but not looking at much more than that.

Surf is pumping out there again today.  Go enjoy the show and remember to be careful out there.  Whether you plan to get int he water, or stay on the cliff.  This is a fun big winter swell.  Seems like it has been a pretty good season.  Surf will subside some on Sunday, but more swell is expected to arrive Sunday night.  What a run of juice.

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