Saturday, February 20, 2016

At home, online, with a working computer...

And the weather is starting to get a little more interesting.  At least it was for a moment, with a little rain, a bit of wind and plenty of snow up in the Sierra.  Even the east side seemed to get hit pretty well.  That bodes well for our water collection, bringing us back up to about average.  Too bad we are looking at another week long dry period on our hands.  Well, at least the weather is going to be nice.  The heat wave we saw lasting through last Tuesday is not returning so soon, but it is quite fair out there today.  Mid 60s, sunny and fairly calm.  We could see a little onshore breeze coming up, but nothing much.

Round Top, a day before the recent snow.

It looks like it could warm a bit more for Monday, but nothing much more than low 70s.  That does not look like it will last long, as some milder air moves in as early as Tuesday.  Right now there is not a whole lot of agreement about what is in store come next Friday.  We could see a weakening system impact us, or we could see high pressure reign supreme.  Still a lot of talk about a a break through coming into March, but only time will tell.  At least the state got a few inches of water from this last storm.

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