Sunday, February 21, 2016

Barely a nudge forward.

While the rain a few days back did slighty improve our states drought standings, it pretty much only pushed a few more acres into Normal and Abnormally Dry conditions.  While that moves some areas in the northern part of state out of Moderate Drought, that did leave untouched over 80% of the state in Severe, Extreme and Exceptional Drought.  Nearly 40% of the state falls in that final category.  Santa Cruz is merely hanging in Severe.  Point being, keep on paying attention to your water use.  I saw some lawn sprinklers going during the 17 day dry period.  Your lawn is really not that important.  We are headed into another prolonged dry period.  Currently, much of the state is at or above average precipitation to date for the water year.  That is good news.  But not good enough.  Santa Cruz and Monterey County are about at 140% of average, and we have only seen our drought levels drop from D3 to D2.  But more rain is not in our short term.

Brian takes in the view of the Sierra, looking south from just below Red Lake Peak.

In fact, this high pressure is looking to set up pretty damn solid.  The upcoming week looks epic, with highs in the mid 70s, with upper 70s likely for Tuesday and Wednesday.  Actually, I would not be surprised if we were to hit 80F, by the look of things.  Daytime temps should moderate into next weekend, dropping back into the upper 60s as the next system up stream weakens and falls apart before arriving.  Will still want to keep an eye on this system, as we are still six days out, and perhaps it could pick up more steam.  Not looking likely though.

With lows in the upper 40s, it is not a bad period to drop some seedlings.  At least it is a good time to get out and work that garden, and start on your prep for spring.  Turn in that green manure.  Work that back.  Plant some lettuce.  My dill is loving this weather, but I fear it might go to seed.  Some kale did.  Keep that winter garden moist by collecting the water that usually goes down the drain as you wait for the hot water to show up.  That is all you will likely need.  Anyway, enjoy this fine, fine weather.  With some moderate surf this week, and off shore winds, it is the perfect time to go explore.

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