Wednesday, February 17, 2016


So, I kind of forecast this a few days back before I hit the road to the high Sierra.  Been absolutely stunning sweet corn harvesting up here.  Until today.  Stormy.  Warm, but cooling off.  A few inches of snow fell this morning, but currently it is just brisk.  Taking a break to take advantage of internet.  Slow internet.  I guess borrowers can't be complainers.  Anyway, the warmth is taking a break.  This storm is not really all that cold, so don't expect anything crisp.  Highs are back down in the 60s and lows in the mid to upper 40s.  Breezy and rainy tonight.  The storm should fill in more fully overnight.  This looks to be about a inch plus system for Santa Cruz.  In fact, the entire coast line down to L.A. is looking at that much rain.  Three inches in northern areas of the state and along the Sierra Crest.  A solid rain maker.  Much needed after weeks of sun.  And this one looks so more El Nino, whit the quick heavy hit and departure.  This things slams overnight, and clears by mid day.

Court enjoying the winter corn harvest in the Sierra.  Yesterday.  Things sure look different up here today.

When I say clears, what I mean is that most of the heaviest rain and wind will occur between midnight and 6AM.  By 6PM, there could breaks of blue.  There is a slight chance that we could see additional rain impact the county on Friday, but it looks more likely that storm will remain north and bring only some clouds and perhaps a period of drizzle.  On the other hand, the mountains are getting a much needed reset today and tonight.  Snow showers are likely to linger through the day Thursday, but forecast are for half a foot plus at lake level and up to two feet on the crest.  Friday perhaps a few inches on the mountains.  Could set up for a great weekend.  And even if that sun does come out to beat on the snow, at least it is still February.  Enjoy the storm.

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