Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Back Online.

Let's see, what did I miss?  It got pretty damn warm around here.  Things started to normalize toward a more typical wintery dry spell temperature today.  It will continue to do so.  Sort off.  Upper 60s and low 70s continue through the work week and weekend.  Massive swell turns on the titans of Mavericks on Friday.  Light winds should accompany that contest.  High pressure fills in further, driving a northerly breeze, and very slightly cooler temperatures over the weekend.  We are looking at some epic winter conditions.  Friends have reported that the Cowell's sandbar has returned in excellent shape.  Makes sense.  There is a lot of sand out there.  Let's see where it goes after this weekend.

Six Kilos last February.  

Monday is looking quite warm.  Mid to upper 70s warm.  Yeah, so forget about that normal thing.  Out on the mid term view, we do see models suggesting that we could return to wet weather in California as early as next Wednesday evening.  That will drive cooler temperatures and could deliver rain to our region.  Something to monitor, as that will be much different than the past and coming week of glorious sunshine.  Water wise, we are just about on target for the water year, entering this dry spell above average and exiting below average, but overall, on target.  And with rain looking to make its return to the state in perhaps about a week, we could be moving in the right direction again soon enough.  Enjoy this wonderful spell of mid winter warmth, and get ready for round two to enter the picture.

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