Monday, February 22, 2016


Almost average, but not quite there after this past week's storm sits the Central Sierra Snowpack.  Not bad, but not great.  At least when it comes to water that we need.  As far as the schussing goes, it is a good reminder that even an average year in Tahoe, is pretty damn epic.  Something like fifteen feet of snow so far at Kirkwood.  Thing is, this year we really need a robust snowpack to help us deal with this drought.  Not only does the spring and summer run off fill up reservoirs, it also seeps deep into the mountain soils and slowly quenches the thirst of the Earth.  All life is dependent upon water.  And while it is not wise to look more than a few days out, things are beginning to aline with my gut.  See, we typically get most of our water by now.  With March being the last month with fairly high precipitation averages.  And most of that typically falls in winter.  Come spring, our averages plummet.  But my gut tells me this year they will not.  Winter of 10/11 was big.  Well above average.  And it had a six week dry spell in the middle of it.  Six weeks.  We went 17 days just now.  Then a dump, and a good wetting.  Here it was pretty mild compared to say the period from Thanksgiving through Martin Luther King Day, but the state overall did well.  We have another 10 day stretch of sun.  But something has me feeling that come late next week, we are going to be seeing a return of some stormy weather.  Hope I'm right.  For now it is warm.  Go work on that tan tomorrow.

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